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At Black & White we take staff safety very seriously, non-more so than during these very difficult times as the World comes to terms with dealing with Coronavirus.  As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure staff safety we have recently had installed new Eclipse Pro and Aura air purification systems from OzoFresh into our office at Brunswick Road, Gloucester.

The Eclipse Pro system, and the whole range of Ozone products, uses naturally occurring ozone to eliminate all unpleasant odours from a room in a very short period.  It also has the added benefit of killing 99% of harmful bacteria and viruses, including Coronavirus and Norovirus.
No chemicals are used in the process, no artificial air freshener or oils, just natural Ozone, leaving a room’s air clean smelling and safer for its occupants.

Not only does the Eclipse Pro make the working environment a safer place for our office staff, but it also ensures a clean and pleasant area to visit for our many external staff and visitors.

Black & White Group would like to extend our thanks to Darren and staff from ECE Group Services for the excellent service in installing these superb products.

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